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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by h4nz is the best, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Hi!! I used to use UTAU and this website a lot but I've grown away from it, but I thought I'd come back to draw some of your UTAU characters if interested :-)

    - I will NOT draw furries/animals. Sorry.
    - Female designs only (i'm not confident in drawing guys so I dont feel comfortable commissioning them... sorry :sad: )
    - I expect payment before I give you the final product. I'll send you a picture of it but it will be watermarked just so you can see what it looks like.

    - Head: $6
    -Half body: $11
    -Full body: $15

    My examples are on my instagram page! It's: " hellofleurr ".

    I will send you my paypal when you are sure you want me to draw for you!!

    I havent been getting as many commissions on my instagram as I used to, so I thought I would post this here because I used to be a part of the UTAU community and I know yall like your creation being drawn.

    Just know: I have done ~20 commissions so dw! I am reliable.

    Excited to see if anyone is interested!!

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