【UTAU Demo】Please Give Me a Red Pen -English ver.-【Tamaki Yuri】

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    (not sure if this counts as a demo, but... oh well?)
    This was my first time using VCCV, so I apologize for the overall choppiness.
    Any feedback on the VB/tuning/art would be great. Those are the things I experimented with the most.

    This is a tripitch VB. It'll likely be released later this month, and I hope to also convert it to Arpasing if I can.

    Original - Powapowa-P feat. Hatsune Miku - sm26745370
    UST - sm26905351
    English lyrics - Cowfee
    UST conversion/tuning/mixing/art/VB - Haichou

    (Sorry for the bad quality here. I started this when I was feeling more down than usual, and I wasn't sure how to finish it.)
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