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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Aurum79, Nov 24, 2018.

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    In particular, let's think back to 2008-2010 era UTAU, because I'm overdosed on Matsudappoiyo fanart feeling nostalgic!

    If you were around the fandom at that time, Crypton-esque designs were everywhere. School/office wear in monochrome with an accent colour, glowy accents, punny names, signature items, weren't those simpler times? Who remembers the weird, functionless 'triangle strap'?
    It's easy to hate on that look, it's not original and the formula was done to death to the point where people were sick to look at it but now that it's been even more years since then? I choose to look back on it fondly because those were simpler times.
    And all Ppoiyo wears is a smart tie but it's on a shirt he can't be bothered to button all the way which is hilarious to me

    And if you got into UTAU later, what trends have you noticed since then? Do you think anything has replaced the Crypton trend?
    Cyberpunk/sci-fi designs are still very popular, still plenty lolita and sportswear (with or without Tron lines lol)...
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    I think UTAU has changed a lot since the past decade. I can't really list any particular design trends nowadays(off the top of my head, at least). Back then, Crypton-esque designs seemed like the norm and just seemed obligatory to put on your UTAU, but nowadays people have become much more creative and free with what they do, so much that it feels there's simply too much variety to list any continuous element/trend. But I can say that there seems to be more trends regarding the actual voicebanks though xD
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    I feel like anohter trend is casual clothes, like

    its become more and more normal to just make your utau wear

    actual clothes lol
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