[UTAU ENGLISH] Break Free(Lead the Way) ft. Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY


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Defender of Defoko

UST, and VSQ found in YouTube description!

Hey everyone!

Reicheru’s English Release is finally arrived! Getting here was certainly no easy feat, what with my horrible sense of time management and whatnot. Within a couple of months of trial an error, the video is finally finished!
I am so excited to finally have Reicheru’s ODYSSEY VB be available for public usage! Mega huge thanks to Dav-P for making it all possible!

Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY is a tri-pitch VCCV, which is also aliased in CVVC and Arpasing for efficiency and versatility! There is a helpful guide in her files on how to use the other formats. She also comes with end breaths, glottal stops, and a couple of extra breaths. Her files also comes with her official concept art and reference sheets!

Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY Download: drive.google.com/file/d/1Qgru...

Her website has been updated accordingly too!

I just want to finally say thank you all for your support for Reicheru Nintone. We’ve been in this community for years, and met so many amazing, talented people, and I only hope to continue to be a part of it.

Thank you all so much!!

Composition: Naoto Kubo
Performed by: The Super Mario Players
VSQx/UST/Tuning/Mix: Yin-P
Art & Animation: Galactix
City ambience by: TheMSsoundeffects
Super Mario Odyssey and its assets
belong to Nintendo