【UTAU English Original】 Worlds Apart 【Kaylin & Derrick Futekiou】

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    After a long two years, here it is. Here it finally is. I'm sort of at a loss for words. It's by no means the best piece of music in the world--as the first song I ever actually finished (before Part Of Me, even!), I can still hear things I should have done differently, like specific harmonies or chord progressions. (Don't get me started on the bridge, lol. It's a mess.) But I still wanted to finally release this song from my arms and into the world after such a long time as it really means a lot to me, and I want to share it with you guys! On top of that, it's my first UTAU original! Wahoo!

    I can't give you guys all the details on what this song is about--it's most likely going to take a few more songs just so that I can explain the basics thoroughly. ^^; In any case, I'll do my best: so here we have Kaylin and Derrick (whom Kaylin Futekiou and Derrick Futekiou are named after and based on). They are daydreamers who met in a daydream and fell in love. They do not know each other in real life. Somehow, the people they knew found out about the relationship, and came to the conclusion that Kaylin and Derrick were insane. They'd either mock them or try to "help" them despite their relationship being very real. Kaylin and Derrick--still never having met each other in real life--promise to stay together no matter what anyone else says. Their love for each other continues on, although not being able to truly see each other face to face is incredibly painful for them. Thus, this song.

    Agh I hope that made some sense! ;v; I'll try to explain it better in the future. Anyway, thank you so much for listening and reading. I hope you enjoyed my song! ;v;

    P.S., for anyone wondering, the voicebank I used is actually a monopitch VCCV English voicebank I recorded for Kaylin in 2015. I'm working on a better, higher-quality voicebank as of this writing and I hope to release that one instead when I finish it! I decided to keep the old voicebank for this song as a sort of farewell to it. It got me to start recording again back in 2015, and I probably wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't decide to make it! :3c

    Kaylin Futekiou and Derrick Futekiou belong to Keiisnotthattired (me)
    Music and Lyrics by Keiisnotthattired (me)
    Art and Movie by Keiisnotthattired (me)
    Story by Keiisnotthattired (me)
    Video made with Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and FL-Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
    Effect author credits:
    "ItsFullOfStars", author: Jph Wacheski
    "Polar", author: K+OBV10U3_NINJA

    THANK YOU!!!!! <3


    Hello everyone~ ^-^ Today, I finally bring you an UTAU English original song. Took me long enough, heh ;;
    There's a little bit of background information on the song in the description of the video, and the credits are in there as well :3c
    Anyway thanks for listening and reading and I hope you enjoy~ :wink:
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    Actually I find it nice
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