[UTAU] Lemon Acoustic ver. [Matsudappoiyo quiet]

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    "Even now you remain my light."

    me: has a happy and canon otp

    also me: thinks about how soren is half-dragon and will outlive ike and how even after all his character development in fire emblem 9 and 10, his self-worth and socioemotional health rely on his relationship with ike; even his paired ending points out that ike is the only person he ever trusted

    anyway kenshi yonezu-san hurts my heart

    Title: Lemon
    Music/Lyrics: Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師)
    Acoustic Arrange: ビッ栗
    Singer: Matsudappoiyo quiet (松田っぽいよ quiet)
    UST: 咲桜流香

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