「UTAU Original」 Canticum Ab Astris 「Elara Lumen」

Reson Lore

Momo's Minion
So, I decided to take part in the Ye Challenge, where you compose a song entirely out of one voicebank! I obviously chose my own bank, Elara Lumen, and decided to make it a chilled out instrumental that focuses more on UTAU being a synthesiser.

My main inspirations with this song were Latin themed songs like Era does, and space themes (hence the name Song Of The Stars), so I decided to go really minimalist with it. I think it ended up pretty good iin the end!

I did use my CV English bank, CELESTIAL, for this one, since it has a lot more power and it's a lot clearer than some of my other banks. I think it ended up working really well for this one. I'm definitely going to do this more often, it was really fun!

Song: Canticum Ab Astris (Song Of The Stars) - Reson Lore
Voice: Elara Lumen CELESTIAL (Reson Lore)
Composition / UST / Mix: Reson Lore
Art: Magideer

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