UTAU RPG Project


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Hello, my name is Ghosty and I recently got my RPG maker VX Ace up and running again and I really wanna pick up coding and programing in it again so after some discussion in the utaforum chat we came up with the great idea of making an UTAU RPG game!!

Now, an RPG game is no easy task, but I am thinking maybe 6-7h with side quests etc. This will require A LOT of responsibility and if you feel like you need to leave before we even leave the drafting process then please don't sign up!! Saves your time and mine.

Things we'll need:
Art. Lot's of it. In a huge pile. Storyboard, tilesets, background, character sprites...
Music. A really cool soundtrack to set the mood of the game! (+we could release the track on bandcamp and donate the profits to charity (or utaforum)!!!)
Writers! Lots of writing is needed, characters don't really write themselves, plot lines don't either.
People competent in using RPGMVA (RPG Maker VX Ace) to help with programing.

Please fill out this form here if interested. I can't wait to have you on board this amazing project!!