UTAU won't work even with all required settings


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Hey so I got a problem and I can't find any way to solve it. So I got my new laptop and it use Windows 10, my last laptop too but I never add this problem with it. When I load my VB the path is write as wrong and same thing for the ust but if I load both of them from my extern disk it seems to work but the ust won't play I got an error. Same thing with iroiro I got an error and won't open. I have the local and the language japanese already install and the . and , added correctly (+ I added the program to be in japanese in case) but if I put back everything in french everything works fine except the fact I can't play ust since it's not in japanese well all settings needed. I don't think it's a common problem but i'm very lost I don't know what to do to fix that (I already reinstall the program with the local before installing utau and stuff but the problem is still here) If anyone can help me it would be wonderful ;u;

All screenshots: https://sta.sh/21osp7gjiizt
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Have you tried moving everything UTAU related out of Programs (x86) to another location such as Documents?

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