Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】 MELTDOWN 【RITSU KIRE】


Momo's Minion
i made this 2 months ago but never thought to post it here, so here it is! my first UTAU cover :smile:

i used a pre-made UST for this but edited & tuned it myself, so maybe there is something to critique? idk lol. kinda scared even putting this under "critique requested" because i fear comments like "this sucks delete" LMAO but really, i'd appreciate constructive criticism! i have learned a bit since i posted this, but there's still always something to be learned from someone else. thanks to anyone who sees this either way :smile:


Ruko's Ruffians
this is actually very well done for your first cover, especially if you tuned it yourself ! the only thing i would recommend is just to continue tuning things to practice and get better; the vocals sound a bit flat, so next time be a bit more ambitious with your pitchbends ^^