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    Copy Pasta Info from yvideo

    ALRIGHT So I've made this a LOONG time ago-- the UST.
    Which I based out of Haleheroine's and her friend (I forgot the name OTL)
    and based it out on my own singing.
    The awesome famous NeutrinoP mixed it for me thus the epicness.
    And yeah UST is mine.

    Art was done just today in 2 hours since I'm damn lazy.
    UST by Me and I will not distribute. Since..I will not. XD
    Art is by me http://saiffychan.deviantart.com/art/UTAU-Hope-288495157
    MP3 Download http://soundcloud.com/pikoashioto/hope-mixdown-mixing-by
    UTAU Belongs to me

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