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Utane Uta
Defender of Defoko
Decided I'd put another Valkyrie bank up for download!

This one isn't exactly brad new, it's a combination of four of his already existing romaji CV banks. The finished product is a monstrosity with 5 pitches + 2 additional ones for whisper (suffix: :shades: and power (suffix: L). It takes a little getting used to but in the end, you can learn how the pitches sound pretty fast and placing appropriate sounds gets easier.

Now, the highest pitch, C5, is really soft and doesn't suit some songs. An alternative for that could be the power pitch that's triggered with suffix "L". If that doesn't work either then it's a good idea to just use the second highest pitch, G#4.

Oh, and for the sake of your ears, use Moresampler. Preferably the newest version of it.

That's everything important regarding the voice bank… I think. If you cover any songs with him I'd be super happy to hear them :3

VB download in the video description!

by Vindray

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