VCV Vowel Choppiness?


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Hey, I'm working on making my first VCV voicebank (finally!) and so far she sounds like an ANGEL... except for those damn vowels.

I mean the ones where it's like vowel on vowel, like a-i-a-o-u. I've heard other recordings where they do it with spaces in between like ah-eeh-ah, but those cuts in between are making choppiness happen, and yes I did OTO it. I put it through setparam and manually oto'd it where it wasn't accurate.

Here's what it looks like in the editor. Notice those cuts in between the sounds- and when I look at other VCV banks' samples in the editor, they aren't there, even though when I listen to the file they take pauses between each vowel:


and here's what it sounds like when played:

Now in some ust's it sounds pretty natural, but this one, maybe it's just the UST itself? The song is unknown mother goose, by the way.

Note: for the "ai" sound I actually tried to remedy this by recording a separate sample where I flowed the "a" and "i" sounds into each other, like you would with the word "ai", because it's a pretty common sound in japanese and if that's messed up then this bank pretty much won't sound good at all.


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Vowel strings have to be recorded without pauses as pausing after each vowel defeats the purpose of having these vowel strings.
This is how a proper vowel string should look like in the editor (voicebank is Yuri Tamaki by @Haichou ). Notice the lack of pauses.

Transitions will be more difficult to oto, but it's worth it. Generating a spectrogram usually helps with otoing VVs. Press the "s" button if you need one.


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Your WAV file appears to have gaps between the vowels in the original recording. If you record in a choppy way, the voicebank will likewise sound choppy.

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