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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by mahalisyarifuddin, Nov 17, 2018.

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    So there's a trend in this community: visual kei-ish voicebank.
    I'm curious what really is visual kei? And it turns out that visual kei is actually not a particular genre, rather it's a lifestyle/movement.
    It makes me more confused.

    I'm asking to you guys: What is visual kei in terms of music and vocals? And what defines an Utau voicebank a visual kei-ish voicebank? Is there any differences from accents and stuffs with regular voicebanks?
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    Visual Key is a small music genre in Japan where typically guys dress up in very colorful or otherwise very noticeable style.

    Other than their clothing and hair style, they have a different singing accent than normal Japanese singers: For example, in Visual Key style singing, KTP sounds same than in English and they kinda say some vowels more “English” way like “a” can sound more like a mix of /a/ and /{/ (IDK any better way to describe this accent).

    The most notable V-Kei style UTAU Voicebank is Hibiki Shinji

    Other more resent V-Kei what I have hear was from an Oversea UTAU Creselia Selestewa.

    If you want to record an own V-Kei style VB, I recommend to listen real V-Kei singers, Shinji and Creselia as a reference.

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