VocalFormater - A script to format lyrics to make them easy to input


Momo's Minion
Because having to separate every phoneme in order to input lyrics, here is VocalFormater, a simple script to do that job, so you can mostly just paste the lyrics and start tuning faster.

Download -> VocalFormater
Windows users can download a binary, other users have to install Python, clone the script and run it.

To use it, you simply need to create a lyrics.txt file containing the lyrics (romaji only/VocaloidLyrics format, make sure the languages are separated with a tab character) and launch the script. It will create an output.txt file with the converted lyrics.
Currently, two flags are available, #iu->yu that converts the "iu" to "yu", and #cvh that converts the lyrics to hiragana (For CeVIO/UTAU).
Video guide:

Please note that it only works for Japanese, therefore you need to convert English to Engrish before running the script. It also makes the double/elongated vowels a single vowel (including "ou" and "ei"), so you may need to edit a bit the output when pasting it in the synthesizer.