Vocaloid 2 Tuning?


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I recently got my first vocaloid for my 15th birthday, Miku Vocaloid 2. I'm trying to find decent tutorials for Vocaloid2, as I have no idea how to tune. I'm decent at Utau, but Vocaloid is a new territory for me. Anyone willing to send a article or give a short explanation?


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If you find any videos for Vocaloid 3 or Vocaloid 4, the tuning techniques should be essentially the same. Here are the main key differences:
  • Vocaloid 2's VEL parameter doesn't do much of anything.
  • Vocaloid 2's OPE parameter is continuous, where Vocaloid 3/4 is per-note.
  • Only Vocaloid 4 has cross synthesis and growl.
Vocaloid 1 and Vocaloid 5 have very different features that affect the workflow greatly, but for 2, 3, and 4, anything you learn should be applicable between the three of them.


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It should be noted that you can also work with Vocaloid 5 much the same was as Vocaloid 2/3/4 if you disable/ignore any of the new features. The old tuning parameters are still available.
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