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    (I'm making another mirror-esque thread yet again as I only discovered her a few instants ago through Discord and Vocaverse and so people on UF who haven't found her yet can still see this new Vocaloid here... Thus, the following informations are coming from Vocaverse's thread and may be subject to change ; thank you for your comprehension ! ♥ )


    YAMAHA seems to love surprise-release banks for a little while now ! The new Vocaloid coming in is a female Japanese bank called Mirai Komachi ! She's now available at the VOCALOID Shop since this morning, for a price of 8,000 yens without tax (roughly 62.11 € / $ 72.93) ~ Presumably the download edition atm !

    Mirai is developed by Bandai Namco and thus, YAMAHA solely distributes her. Her voice actress isn't known at the moment.

    Below you can hear a short snippet featuring her voice singing the famous demo sample you can hear on the Shop's sample page :

    Among other speculations, a possible VOCALOId x game gimmick and further demos, but none of these are confirmed yet.

    As I often conclude this thread, what are your thoughts ? ~

    (On a personal note, the design is cute though I couldn't help the anon/kanon and Rin/Len comparisons, and while I was a bit scared about how the voice would turn out, finally it's a pleasing one, that isn't too much generic to my taste and is lovely ♥ Just her "A" sound strange to me though ~ owo )
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    Well this was unexpected. Her voice is way too generic IMO, but for some reason I still really like her...

    Also, since she's developed by Bandai Namco, I though I would point out that her color scheme might be based on their logo!

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