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    So next week, a new vocal will complete the VOICEROID Ex series : Seika Kyomachi !

    Just a little reminder from earlier events... Seika was proposed as a Voiceroid project and thus, became the second Kickstarter/crowdfunded Voiceroid project, right behind Zunko, and along with her sister Kiritan who's getting her too a Voiceroid since her campaign was successful. And just like Zunko represents Tohoku region, Seika represents the city of Seika in Kyoto's prefecture (Kansai) ! - In Late November, her crowdfunding campaign was started, aiming at 2 million yens. And in the end, she got..... The double ! With her goal reached way much before the 27th of December deadline ! And she is voiced by Rika "Ricca" Tachibana. Who is Rika Tachibana ? For those who don't recall / know her, she's simply the voice actress of Sae Kobayakawa from the Idolm@ster (with image song being Hanakanzashi) and also a model and talent.

    Seika will be released on the 10th of June. However, you can start messig around with her voice demo on her product page :

    So your thoughts ?~
    P-S : In before soemone make a rap / narration version of Hanakanzashi with her haha //shot

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