Voided's introduction


Momo's Minion
I am here now, but I don't really have much to say; I am a bit late I know.
I had wanted to do this introduction for a while: I've never had the words to say down, so I am just winging it.
I have a sort of problem where I will be hooked on something for a while, drop it, forget it, then obsess over it again.
It's really just my personality: I don't like that part of myself, but it's there.
I am eighteen and I like: Utau, Starfield, drawing, and singing.
I also enjoy reading and writing.
Not that it's relevant but I read really quick, and take a bit to respond due to not having the words to say.
I am biologically male, and I would appreciate being addressed by he/him.
I would like to not be referred to by she/her or they/them, but that would be okay if you don't know.
I have been stalking the forum for a while.
I enjoy observing, but not overtly so.
That is all, thanks for reading.​