Wanna record Spanish VB for UTAU

Dany Mont

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Hi there!

Drop in this thread everything i should know about recording a Spanish VB, reclists, tutorials, etc.


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Spanish CVVC:

From this video's description, you can download CVVC (and an old VCV) Spanish reclist plus plug-in!

Spanish VCCV:

Please note that there are many "versions/variations" of Spanish VCCV and are slightly different

Aku-P's version:

@Aura Autumnus 's version:

Sōon Roko's version:

There's none example VB available publically yet but if you want an "easy-to-use", very little UST editing needed Spanish VB then I recommend to check out my VCV Spanish reclist here (it comes with English mini pronunciation guide, BGM guide, and base oto.ini). Please note that it's (still) in beta stage, so you might want to skip some recordings and/or add some sounds.

My Spanish VCV is about twice longer than an average Japanese VCV. If you know that you cannot record that much then I recommend to check out CVVC or VCCV instead.

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