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    I asked Hentai if I could post this :smile: the answer was yes.

    So... hum... Hello :smile:
    Now, how do I explain this...

    My two very good friends are currently working on their first webcomic named Ambrosia.
    Ambrosia is on kickstarter, because to make this project come to life, well, they have to raise money.
    Most of the funds will go into creating and hosting their website. Part of the money will go into events and promotions and also, those funds will help them get the material they need.

    I can't ask you to give money I think it's up to each of you if you decide to support them or not.
    But anyway...
    Here you can find the teaser and all the informations you need -

    To follow Ambrosia : Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/comicambrosia
    Tumblr-> http://comicambrosia.tumblr.com/

    Thanks !​

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