What direction do you want to take your UTAU next?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by WendytheCreeper, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Not an answer to the question of where to take mine next, because my UTAUloid does not exist... Yet.

    But my goal would be to have as many different modes (for lack of a better word) than many others. This would mean a complete whisper, shout, growl, sweet, falsetto (built-in as the higher pitches?), and whatever speech-like noises I can make. Essentially to see how many different intonations and such in VCV I can stuff it with.

    Then do the same but in a CVVC/VCCV/CVVVCVCCCCVCCVCVVCVCVVVVV (I jest bout that last one idek) that was designed to be capable in norwegian.

    Essentially, stuff a voicebank with a lot of different appends in VCV, then do the same in one designed for norwegian.

    Why? Because I, NordGeit, have a dream. Many dreams.

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