What do I do in a UTAU collab?


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Not sure if this is the correct forum to post, so please move this if needed.
Also, apologies in advance if there are any typos.

As the title says, 'What do I do in a UTAU collab?'

Though it hasn't happened yet, they're just planning for it.
The song they want to collaborate with was already given in their post.

I saw a post that someone wants to do a collab with me.
And me, an inexperienced introverted individual
Never has been in such a situation before

Again, it hasn't happened yet, I just want to be ready if it does.
Support is greatly appreciated right now.


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This is an overall general guide, that's apply to almost everything not just music collaboration.

1. Discussion.
This is how thing start, think about introduction and should give collaborators a rough idea. I recommend to use real-time platform to communicate like Discord, Skype to keep things organized. Planning is very important to make sure that collaborators will go in the same direction.

2. Be Honest.
If things don't go well, need some change, tweak, editing, just tell them in a "constructive" fashion way. Simple as it is.
Mistakes were made, correcting isn't that hard but recognize the mistake is quite challenging.

3. Be respectful.
Self-explanatory, yet so important. Combo very well with the rule number 2.

4. Be resourceful.
Try to help each other, that's what collab is all about, but always keep in mind that everyone have limit what they can do. Same as you.
if you doing good at something, try to compensate your mate in the part where they lacking. (good combo with number 5 rule)

5. Realistic expectations.
This is so underrated, most people lack this mentally (or don't have it at all). Try to keep thing simple, straight, be true. We work with person as a person, don't expect anything to be perfectly "Just as planned".

6. Deadline.
Create a deadline and respect it. Try to push through it, even the work is bad, so be it.
Collab without deadline or no respect, i consider everything is pointless. Use number 1, 5 rule and create a reasonable deadline and "respect" it.

7. Have fun with it, this is supposed to be a fun thing.
If not fun... why doing it?
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Thank you very much IO+ for giving me a constructive and clear outline of what to do in collab.

From what you have listed, My only problem is under the discussion section.
I recommend to use real-time platform to communicate like Discord, Skype to keep things organized.
Unfortunately, on my end, real-time communication, such as audio and video calls, is impossible due to reasons (network). But overall, it is very doable as long as they're okay with a delayed response on my part.

Thank you again for your support.
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Don't worry! you can use forums too, may not as real-time but it is perfectly fine.

Have fun!, Collab is all about learning together!