What does your Utau's name mean?


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The first name (Kyuuta) and the stage name (Kyuutarou) (I'm so original!) I just stole from jisho.org, but the last name (Shimizu) I took from my old anime self-insert lmao. Not much to it, I know. But it'd be funny if you knew what the self insert was..


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WH1SH-P3R is actually a pun reference to whisper that originates in the first CV bank.

This becomes irrelevant as the other voicebanks itself starts to mould into different tones being played until latest by B1N4RY bank aligns to the memory origins of the CV bank.


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His name is "Jhon".. back in the day wanted to call him "Jonathan"... but was too long and didn't like "jonny".... so moved the H on "John" to make it different... but after a search on Behindthename.com it actually exist and is common in Colombia


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KATSU's original name was 光勝 (Katsu Kou), which I've mentioned a couple of times is not a correct Japanese name construction, since I named him when I was 15 and didn't speak the language lol, with 勝 (Katsu) meaning victory and 光 (Kou) meaning light. When I revived him, I dropped the "surname" and the kanji and just stylized it in all caps romaji a la GUMI. It still means victory, but is now also a bit of a pun on "katsu" as in "cutlet", because his limbs are "cut" like meat... though I admit I didn't realize that until after I'd redesigned him, but I think it's fun.

Similarly, TOSHIMI's original name was 麻美敏子 (Toshiko Asami), with 敏子 (Toshiko) meaning "clever" and 麻美 (Asami) meaning "beautiful" (technically, beautiful hemp). Toshimi is more gender neutral, and can be either masculine or feminine depending on the kanji it's written with, which again I kind of side stepped but just dropping the kanji. I'd probably either write it as 聖美 meaning "holy beauty" or 俊美 meaning "genius" or "excellence".

HIRO's original name was Hiro Hanako, which I think I wrote like 花子裕, with 裕 meaning "abundance" and 花子 meaning "flower", though I can't remember for certain what kanji I used for her first name since it can be written a lot of different ways.

I picked their names off of one of those names list websites with questionable accuracy and I don't even think I was completely consistant with what kanji I used for them. Again, I was 15, and wanted them to be named like other 'loids. I genuinely thought about renaming them entirely when I revived them, partially bc even though none of them are 'sonas for me it felt a little weird as a white guy to have an avatar for my voice be implied to be at least partially Asian, but I also don't think of them as being different characters even after rewriting their "lore", so I didn't want them to feel like totally different people. Thus, I renamed them the way that I did.
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