What is better: Record in strings or merge the sounds?


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Hellow friends!

So, today I'm oficially starting to do my utau Jab. I want to make him a VCV voicebank and was thinking with myself how would be better to record him.

If I recorded him as a CV voicebank and then merge the samples to create VCV samples, or if it would be better to just record them like the "normal" vcv utaus does like recording it in moras and stuff like that?

I'm asking it because I don't know if it has a difference in quality from one method to another, so I wanted to know what did you think about it.


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hi! i think it'll sound much better if you record it in the " normal " way so it transitions smoothly between the notes and sound more " realistic " in a way?
plus i also think it'll save you more time and headaches if you do!
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I personally recommend recording CVVC since if you're still learning hot to oto you can just use it as a CV voicebank and you still have the opportunity to make it really smooth once you learn how to oto vcs, but that's just me ^^;
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