What is under your Ctrl-V?


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For a while, I used to copy and paste with right clicking before I realized there was a keyboard shortcut. :/

Paste whatever you last copied here.

Like for me: ​Critical Survey of Poetry, Volume 5

Yeah. This topic is that random.


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^ Yep that was it. I was trying to get NND comments translated.


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I sound drunk! Forgive the swearing...

What is your name, and what UTAU(s) did you create?
Do you think you have an accent, and does (did) your UTAU have an accent as well?
Did you try to fix the accent, if your UTAU had one?
Did you record or design your UTAU first?
Why did you pick the design you did for your character?
Quickly think of a catch phrase for your UTAU(s) and say it using the voice you recorded it in!
Try and mimic 2 UTAU that belong to someone else! Say a catchphrase/or introduce yourself in that character's voice!
Does your singing sound anything like your UTAU's singing?
Do an impersonation of 3 different pokemon.
If you had to pick a favorite oversea UTAU that isn't one of your own, who would it be?
Tag 3 people!

...lol voice meme.


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A .txt with the 3rd part (less of 512 kB and being in UNICODE) of the sixth book of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy.


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A true smile found its way to Sakura's lips, but withered away almost as quickly. It was time to get to business.
"Queen Rina and King Almandrea...we need to reach them." The moment of weakness had passed; Sakura held her head high with authority. "Humans, angels, and vampires...we've all teamed up against the demons. Our military forces are combined as one, and we've been providing one another with rations. However," she paused to glance guiltily at the soldiers in the room, "Lord Tsukimoto launched a surprise attack on our border, isolating us. My people haven't had a drop of water in four days."

......I was doing an RP. <:D


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This looks so much funner than I thought it was. *u*
I actually just use the mouse. For everthing. I dislike keyboard shortcuts personally.


Ah, that's from when I was sharing my latest UST work with UTAU Online.


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Are you in this endless sky?

Translation for Dear You line 2