what makes you want to download a voicebank?


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what makes you want to download a voicebank?

for me, it's usually the character art. although that probably sounds kinda superficial lol. but, generally, if the art for an utau is well-done and the design is nice, i'll probably download it, even if i'm lowkey running out of space on my computer haha

i've only gone through my downloaded voicebanks a couple times to verify that i wanted to actually keep/use them. i used to listen to the samples first but now i just download it if it looks cool lol. i'm more of a hobbyist than someone who takes utau seriously, so i guess it makes sense.


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I've got limited space on my computer, so if I need to use a specific UTAU for some project, I'm likely to download the bank temporarily and delete it after I'm finished. It's safe for me to assume it'll still be available again in the future if necessary, especially if it's a friend's voicebank and I can easily contact them about sending it to me.

As for voicebanks that I hoard and never use... it's screaming banks. It's a unique vocal style that I'm a fan of, and I hope to see more voicebanks like that, especially in languages other than Japanese.

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