which program do I use to make MMD models?

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by Taylor Savage, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I want to make a model for my dubbing character for when I start dubbing and also an model for umashi.
    So I wanted to know what program to use. :annoyed:
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    If you want to literally make a new character (and good luck to you if you do) there are programs like Blender and other 3D modelling software which you can download for free.
  4. Yue Nagareboshi

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    Metasequoia is a good Freeware/Shareware to make 3D modeling if you want to start your project from 0.

    Source: http://metaseq.net/english/download.html

    Users like Yesi-chan (Author of Camila Melodía) and Yuma (Author of Kemonone Row) have made models with this program. Another option is vía MME (MikuMikuEdit) to edit a existing model with pre-made pieces; yet you have to know that EVERYMODEL have their rules and restrictions; and editing a model, even if it's from your character, does not give you total ownage at all; since the pieces/base are from others.

    In that case you also need to contact the author of the model to ask permission of redistributing your edit (yet some rules may say explicitly that are not permited to redistribute).

    Taylor; while I have already replied to many of your questions here, I see you are focusing now on aesthetical aspects of your UTAULOID and you have not shown us your problems regarding the oto.ini. I do recommend you to fix those first BEFORE start worring about stuff like an MMD models or so.
  5. Wolfie

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    Could you please provide a link to MikuMikuEdit?
  6. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

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    I'd really recommend more to learn 3d modelling in general on blender (by starting with the blender guru great tutorials )
    Making your models by simply assembling premade parts won't teach you anything interesting and your model won't have anything really unique compared to other ones
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  7. Dangosan

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    It's PMDEditor and PMXEditor respectively. Although PMXE has came along well, it's still pretty limited in comparison to Blender or Xismo, so it's mostly used for preparing models or the aforementioned Frankensteining.
    The download page is here, but there is an usage clause you need to agree.
    • Do not use the editors if you don't agree with the terms descripted below
    • Do not use the editors for any prohibited usage below
    • This usage clause is subject to change without any warning or notice
    • Any changes to this usage clause affect each and every version of PMDE and PMXE
    • Do not use the editors if you can't understand these terms correctly (the original is in Japanese. However, the software can be used without knowing any Japanese)
    • Do not modify the distribution package (not sure what does this mean)
    • Do not distribute anything from the distribution package, edited or not, in whole or in part (1)
    • Do not re-sell anything from the distribution package
    • Do not introduce unsavoury changes in the editors and use editors modified this way (2)
    • Do not redistribute the editors (3)
    • Commercial usage is forbidden (4)
    • Business usage, commercial or not, is forbidden (1, 5)
    • Do not reverse-engineer the editors or disassemble them in a unsavoury way or an unsavoury purpose (ie. disassembling for the purpose of peeking into the code to create a PMXE clone or any MMD-related solution, this does not apply solely to hacked versions of the editors)
    • Do not distribute any information accessed through the reverse-engineering or disassembly of the editors and do not obtain such information (I thought that it concerned derived software)
    • Do not use the editors for anything that is contrary to laws and ordinances
    • Do not use the editors for violating public decency
    Also, any rules imposed by model creators precede the terms of this software.

    1: Permission can be asked, though it's granted scarcely (ie. bundling with magazines such as Windows100%)
    2: This means tinkering with the assemblies (the main EXE, DLLs). This does not cover stuff already available for the public (and possibly under an open-source license *coughSlimDXcough*) and general editing
    3: This covers assemblies proper to the editors (again, the publicly available and open-source SlimDX has a lucky escape). User plugins are subject to their proper rules
    4: Generally, no profit should be derived from the usage of the editors (which means models prepared with the editors cannot be used for commercial purposes). The only exception is doujin usage that is not considered business usage/major venture (does that mean that you can't use PMXE to make a living?). However, it should be real doujin use and not working for a company that caters to the doujin market
    5: This covers any continuous large-scale business usage in which usage of the editors consist a pillar

    The author does not take any responsibility of any damage or loss caused by the usage of the editors

    You can use the software only if you can agree with the terms above (important) This is at the actual download section
    Somebody should really check over this translation and post it everywhere.
    Also, please do not direct link any of the editors as it's against the wishes of the creator.
    If you want something that can construct a model without relying on foreign data, you'd be better of with either Blender of Xismo. Metasequoia is sufficient for modelling and texturing, but you have to upgrade to Standard Edition to be able to rig, add expressions (not sure if physics are available in STD) and export to PMD.
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