Wholesome Vocaloid songs?


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What are some songs that don't have any angsty undertones and are just sort of silly/happy fun songs? For example, "Always Be ^o^" or even songs like "A Shimapan Song." Any goofy/smiley songs that you can recall :v? They don't necessarily have to be about being happy, songs that are just sort of silly or about normal life with goofy undertones are good too.



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I don't have anything more to say XD


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Hmm, off the top of my head:
  • Mitchie M songs, unless there's something I'm missing here ^^'
  • I don't think '1, 2 Fanclub' has any dark undertones (but Gumi's in it, so...)
  • 'I can take off my Panties' It's about growing up, but it's pretty silly
  • 'Dancing Samurai'
  • 'The Highschool Girl Next to Me'
  • Nayut alieN songs seem pretty safe too?
I'm a bit tentative posting this, because I always feel like I'm missing some dark subtext as both an English Lit student and a Vocaloid fan :annoyed:
But, I hope this is helpful, anyway :sing:

Edit: OMG, how could I forget 'Urotanda: Underhanded Rangers', it's basically the only song I've listened to these past few days XD


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A lot of Lamaze-P's songs, such as "Triple Baka," "If It's Making a Song, Let's Get Started!," and "PoPiPo" as Sors mentioned above. "Sweet Orange" is also a fun song that's entirely about food ^^

Edit: Okay, I have a few more. "singason" is a good one, and daniwell-P's known for songs like this. There's also "Koneko no Payapaya" and "My Time." Project mirai has a lot of cheerful songs, actually...
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a whole song about Napolitan-loving vampire! idk if it's what you're looking for exactly...It's kinda 'supernatural' esque- but still!
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I like Pinocchio P's songs like "Motivation is Dying" and "Slow Motion". Slice of life-y songs like " The Empty Stomach Song " and "No Thank You" are good too. Others off the top of my head I can think of is a more silly one like " Waffle"or a more motivational song like "I Don't Fly." ^^


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Hmm...well, anything by Mitchi M, naturally :3 Heartbreak Headlines is a pretty cute and silly song, Mr. Music is also a good-feelijg song ^=^

Cat Story and Only One by @Anh Duy are sweet, too...
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Kami no Mani Mani is nice fun,, Colorful x Melody is sweet, Age Age Again is adorable... Dreamin' Chuchu is also cute.... eighty minutes later...

Drop Pop Candy is cute, so is Electric Angel, tear is also sweet, and those are it from the long list of (predominantly angsty) Vocaloid songs on my phone top of my head ^=^


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here's a list of cute, light hearted songs that I can list from the top of my head
  • lonely number - kou
  • here and there - dateken
  • Cinderella romance - tatsh (OF ALL PEOPLE...)
  • the fun of logic - yutarochan (one of my personal favs... very underrated imo)
  • dance robot dance - nayutalien
  • most things by Giga-P, but especially stuff like +Boy and Gigantic OTN. (they are... nsfw though, especially the latter song).
  • the straight-faced science girl - ningen dokku
  • 1LDK - deadball-p (again, a little nsfw, but very cute)
  • konoutahareihi - pripara (okay this is technically cheating bc it's not originally a vocaloid song but there's a very cute UTAU cover of it on youtube)
  • kurage-p has quite a few songs that can fit into this definition too, like 'hate it! hate it! huge ego' (feat my fav vocaloid otomachi una!)
I might add more later, but I tried to add some lesser-known stuff in ;0;



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Oh Electric Angel!
And the Night Series 'w'
Both are mainly love songs (series(


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(warning: i love kz songs)
(disclaimer: i love old songs)
(beware: a lot of these have a sky-ish feeling bc i love that)

Strawberry by Lamaze-P
Nijiiro by kz
Lilachorn by Kajiki-P
Pink or Black by kz
Amenochi Sweet*Drops by OSTER Project
World in Weekend by TOKOTOKO-P
Yotsuba no Clover by Toraboruta-P
Melody by Versequence
Melodia by .:P-Rhytmatiq:.
Dear by 19's Sound Factory
Birth by 19's Sound Factory
Shooting Star by kz
Hibi no Omoi(i dunno the whole name) by kz
Birth in Heaven by OneRoom
Sound by baker
The Weekend is Coming by sasakure.uk