Word filter disappeared!


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I visited this site again since a long time, but I saw a weird thing.
Saying Polkaloid is now allowed on this forum.
This is kinda weird. In this new site it was considered a dirty word and replaced with Polkaloid (for funny parodies, powered by Weird Al, available on eBay). And don't try to pirate it, because... VIRUS ALERT! You'll get SPAM in the place where you live...
Though Myst's rantish censure on the ZB forum was funny.


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I think I'm going to use "polkaloid" still, its funny. Not that it comes up in conversation too often anyway.


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/me facepalms.

Indeed, I did forget to reset the word filters didn't I?

The wordfilter was mostly for GoogleBot's benefit. We didn't want your keywords to be associated with Polkaloid.