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YE OLDE UTAU CRIB Discord Server Post

Discussion in 'Community Promo' started by aza, Mar 16, 2020.

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    I didn't see that UF had a Community Promo section lying around, so here we go~

    So! As an attempt to get back to the UTAU community, I created a Discord server called YE OLDE UTAU CRIB. So far, it's a pretty small server, but there're channels dedicated not only to UTAU, but also to other kinds of music, illustrations, and more. We also got a small slew of bots to play around with!

    This server has a warm and welcoming environment, and any UTAU user, regardless of skill level, is more than welcome to join! We hope to see you hop on aboard.

    You can click on the server link here
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