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Haruna-Chan submitted a new Showcase Item:

Ye Bell Ritsu Open Beta

Update Notes

- New phonemes and improvements in pronunciation
- Multi pitch with expressions is now supported by default
- New recording list
- Improved audio handling of samples
- Extra shades C3 - F3 - C#4
- It is recommended to use moresampler for this voice bank

Appends in progress and language expansion phonemes on the way.

If you have any problems using this voice bank please contact us by this e-mail: leciano.oficialcontact@gmail.com

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Haruna-Chan updated Ye Bell Ritsu Act 1

Next update will be of the update of the general oto.ini of bell and also the addition of an append where your age changes to that of a child in primary [from 16 to 9 years], this update should arrive in 1 week approximatel.

But already has a small preview of the smooth bench is with configuration of raw oto yet:

sample 1: https://soundcloud.com/sync-drums/tokyo-teddy-bear-ye-bell-ritsu-evec-alpha-test
sample 2: https://soundcloud.com/sync-drums/starduster-ye-bell-ritsu-soft-and-kaai-yuki-v4-natural

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Haruna-Chan updated Ye Bell Ritsu Act 2 + Appends

I decided to apply VCCV phonemes to Japanese inside the bell test bench VCCV Esp and this is the following result, I am also testing a files for the presamp so that it is compatible with both languages (though not perfect yet), but still the Connections that will have to be made by hand.

Note: this also gives me time to edit and cut the samples and the face that will drop the voice bank since I do not need to make 2 separate voice banks for two languages.

Note2: I have not yet added phonemes Y, W, Z, TS, SH in this test bench. Then ts, z are replaced by S, which in the final version will have these phonemes.

Note3: The transitions files will be made available as soon as I finish them


Ust+Vocal: https://mega.nz/#!EosQxA4D!_FZTAIZjD_1huQyU5yrz9_YTnxw7XPNclryzMMZCh3g

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At the request of haruna-chan updated the otos and some files in the voice bank Ye Bell Ritsu VCV now he can read hiragana and fix the vast majority of samples with a noise and improved the sharpness of his voice.
link's the bank's Natural voice have been updated.
Note: do not extract "Ye Bell Ritsu install" directly in the folder "voices".