App to find pitch 2017-07-03

IPhone and Android app which designed to show you your vocal range using the phone mic

  1. feloe
    The app 'SingSharp' is designed to help teach yourself to sing.
    There are both free and paid versions, but both include a subsection called 'Vocal Range'. In this, you can practice and check your pitch, whether it be seeing what your speaking pitch is, or, well, the highest and lowest you can go!


    The app doesn't tell you what singing type you are, but here they are for reference:

    Feminine vocals:

    Soprano C4 - C6 (261-1047 Hz)
    Mezzo-Sopranno A3 - A5 (220 - 880 Hz)
    Alto G3 - G5 (196 - 784 Hz)
    Contralto F3 - F5 (174 - 698 Hz)

    Masculine vocals:

    Countertenor E3 - E5 (164 - 659 Hz)
    Tenor C3 - C5 (130 - 523 Hz)
    Baritone G2 - G4 (98 - 392 Hz)
    Bass E2 - E4 (82 - 329 Hz)


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