Arpasing UST Tutorial

How to use an Arpasing voicebank in UTAU

  1. Info about duplicate copies of diphones

    The tutorial now explains the purpose of Arpasing Assistant suffixing notes with numbers, which is to distinguish samples with slight differences in pronunciation based on context.
  2. Arpasing Assistant phoneme input

    As pointed out to me by HitCoder, it's possible to put plain arpabet phonemes into the notes of a UST, and have Arpasing Assistant convert them into diphones! If you leave them as-is, then diphones with a vowel as the second phoneme will be long notes, and everything else is short notes. If you add "/u" to the end, then in the same style as word input, it will divide the note evenly for each diphone.
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  3. Arpasing 0.2.0 update

    This tutorial now reflects the changes to Arpasing Assistant!
  4. Multipitch notes

    They were on the website, but I forgot to add them here as well.