Bizz's UTAU Plugins

(and how to use them in English)

  1. Lystrialle
    ...I guess it's kind of both a resource and tutorial.

    So bizz released a set of plugins entitled "僕の考えた最強のry", which has a number of useful functions such as hiragana/romaji conversion in USTs and various other things I still have yet to toy with, but in any case it's an incredibly helpful plugin and there is, in fact, a way to use it in English!

    The instructions, in order:
    • Click here!
    • Download "" (the actual plugin) and "iroiro(更新用).zip" (a later-released patch". Unzip both and replace the exe file in the iroiro folder with the one from the iroiro(更新用)folder.
    • Install the plugin folder like you would any other plugin.
    • You should now see 僕の考えた最強のry in your plugins. Open it.
    • On the top menu bar of the plugin, click the first option (設定).
    • Check the box that says "Language". Click OK, click OK, click 実行.
    • Reload your plugins.
    • You should now see the plugin entitled "The best things I could think of, etc." and the interface translated to English!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kasane Teto and Defoko
    Kasane Teto and Defoko
    I..... don't get it. Please explain better because the plugins thing wont work, i don't get any of this since step 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. slashhearts
    Truly the Swiss Army knife plugin of plugins. My eternal thanks to Bizz~ (and Lystrialle for this guide!)
  3. nijiUTAU
    This is a really simple and easy tutorial that is very useful for anyone looking to use this plug in but doesn't understand how to navigate through Japanese!