How to use vocalshifter!

How to use vocalshifter.

  1. Kale
    Hi! I've noticed many people want to use the program vocalshifter. However, there are no English tutorials that go through everything from importing the file to exporting and saving.
    To get started, download Vocalshifter from this website: (Scroll down to where it says ダウンロード( 1,744,096Bytes 2016/11/03) Save the files in a folder where you can access them easily. For me, I saved them on my desktop.
    Now open the vocalshifter exe. A box will come up. Click OK. Make sure your human vocals and the UTAU/Vocaloid vocals are timed up correctly. (If you are using them.) Also make sure that the files are in wav format, or they won't import. Just drag in the wav into the program.
    A small white window will pop up. This is where you choose the range of notes that is detected. Normally, I choose C1~B7. [​IMG]
    Click OK. Next, a blue box will come up. Depending on what you're using vocalshifter for, you can choose different boxes. Normally, I choose V (the green one.)
    Now, double click on the wav to edit it. [​IMG]
    From here, you can edit pitch, dynamics, volume, time, EQ, panning, ect.
    To edit, choose the little pencil tool. I normally uncheck the little "stair" button as I call it.
    To edit, start drawing with the pencil.
    On the left, you can change what you are editing.
    The purple lines is what the original is and the other is what it is after you've edited it.
    Once you're done, go to the first tab (F), and the first one that says Wave (E). Then export it somewhere and mix it! To save, Go to the first tab, S, and save as normal.
    Please ask if you have any questions!
    I'll be adding a video tutorial later.

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  1. kimchi-tan
    Simple and direct. Explanation of other settings in the toolbars would be appreciated.