UST TypeWriter 1.0

"TypeWriter" UST by MystSaphyr

  1. MystSaphyr
    Original Producer:
    TypeWriter is a great bouncy Teto original, please enjoy using my UST!
    The UST contains some vowel ending samples, these may be removed or ignored.
    Terms of Use:
    Credit MystSaphyr / UTAUxyz for USTs.

    Do not redistribute the original UST or claim as your own.

    Ask before redistributing VSQs or MIDIs made using my UST as a base.

    Ask before redistributing ANY KIND of altered versions of my USTs, including the following:

    - lyrics fixes
    - VCV/CV/hiragana/romaji versions
    - any other kinds of edits
    • CV
    • Contains unusual samples (i.e. ending breaths, glottal stops, CV English)
    • Hiragana