• Western Name:
    Thicc Son
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    たろ ・ いわた (ta - rō - ee - wa - ta)
    Release Date:
    Friday, July 29, 2016
    5'6" (167.64 cm)
    135 lbs (61.24 kg)
    making friends with other people, spoopy things, Halloween, conspiracy theories, alien movies, making people happy, his family, cute things, glow in the dark things (like plastic vampire teeth), blueberry flavored things (because he thinks they're "rare"), peanut brittle, DRESSING UP AS VARIOUS TYPES OF PRODUCE, cooking, 逆さ 指揮 (Sakasa Shiki), respecting women
    making people angry or unhappy, swingsets, getting hurt, being lied to, when his friends or family are hurt or unhappy, not having enough money to buy people presents, crocs, papercuts, making fun of people, george bush doing 911

    Personality: (Note: You may completely disregard his personality when covering songs.)

    He's usually pretty happy go lucky, optimistic and friendly to people. He's easily hurt but also easy to cheer up. Due to his innocence, trustingness and tendency to try and please people, he gets taken advantage of and pushed around lot.

    He's a generally bashful person but is also really oblivious so a lot of the time he doesn't see when he's doing something embarrassing or embarassing others.

    He's really interested in paranormal and conspiracy theory stuff (aliens, MKUltra, murder, that kind of thing), even though he is easily scared. It's basically Halloween every day with him. He doesn't like the concept of scaring or tricking people though, so much as candy and 2spooky monsters.

    He always wears those glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth because he's just a dork.

    Since he's so oblivious he gets in people's personal space pretty often (he's not trying to be perverted, he's just a huggy touchy person) and often makes them uncomfortable. He isn't afraid to show people affection through physical contact. His conversation topics of choice also usually creep people out. Though he is an extrovert, he is very socially anxious and has trouble making friends.

    He has a twin sister named Taiga, who he always trusts and listens to more than anyone and is almost never separated from (despite the fact that she treats him terribly). She's almost the exact opposite of him. He also has a younger sister named Cranberry, who he tends to spoil.


    He is also secretly very scared of going on the swings in public playgrounds, and can't swim.

    Tarou is also actually near-sighted and has glasses, but doesn't usually wear them unless in business or school settings, and is too afraid to use contacts.

    He also has an infrequently updated ask page:http://utaforum.net/threads/ask-my-utau-tarou.13078/#post-91688

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    Both PC & Mac
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    • Japanese
    Tarou's Frqs and Oto on Windows have now been fixed ! Courtesy of kimchi-tan:


    Current Bipitch for UTAU Synth Beta) (CVVC):


    Old Monopitch For UTAU Synth VB (CVVC) : https://www.mediafire.com/?7xap0myhhrhmgwz


    Puberty Bank for UTAU Synth (CVVC, Monopitch):


    Extra English Sample with Current VB Sample:

  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Not Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    You probably don't need to read all this, it basically just says don't be an butt, you know the drill.

    - Don't use Tarou for weird illegal shit

    "Weird illegal shit" applies to the specific laws of your own region.

    - Do not redistribute under your own name

    Meaning, do not release the bank with yourself represented as the manager, or present edited versions as official versions or updates.

    Distributing the voicebank in the event that the link has died, however, while not claiming ownership of the bank, is allowed.

    - Don't use Tarou for harassing/defaming other people.

    Satire of political figures or national celebrities does not count.

    - You may use Tarou for religious purposes as long as said purposes are not oppressive/ hateful.


    Using Tarou for christmas carols = Ok

    Using Tarou for a song about how x religion is superior to y religion = Not ok

    - Do not use Tarou for anything that promotes racism, sexism, pedophilia, or homophobia

    (should be self-explanatory)

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