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    I know it just says "singing" partner, but she's more than willing to have more friends.

    Well what's up ya'll Kuku Klock here and well I decided that my oldest Utau Is in need of a singing partner/boyfriend or Both. I noticed I haven't been using her AS much and saw the difference is that My Utau that are paired are normally at the fore front of my mind. Plus I've been meaning to get her one for a while now? I just felt she wasn't good enough until recently?

    Well here is some information on the girl;;

    Name: Kurayami Hikari
    age;; 19 years old.
    Race;; Human
    Height;; 5'7'' (5'9'' with her heels)
    Hair color;; Fire
    Eye color;; Grey.
    3 sizes;; 40-34-45
    Weight;; 165 lbs.

    Protective;; once her loyalty has been earned, she’ll protect who ever has it until the end.
    Clever;; She can be very clever at times such as getting her opponent worked up and tire before she strikes
    Serious;; no matter what she does, she goes at it with 100% seriousness.
    Neat;; despite how she acts, Kurayami actually can’t stand to see things out of order.
    Disobedient;; Kurayami tends to be very disobedient when it comes to terms of obeying those whom she had just met.
    Malicious;; for those who don’t really know her too well, she can come off this way, but it’s just her way of acting, nothing more, nothing less.
    Aggressive;; If she sees something and she wants it, she’ll go through any means necessary to get it. And she means ANY means.

    Here are some samples of her voice
    MOTHER VCV-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYkvJxZrnGQ
    3 Pitch VCV- https://clyp.it/j52rf0ta

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