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    Shiranai wrapped themself in the thin, gray blanket, sitting on the floor and staring at the blank TV screen. They contemplated turning it on, seeing if anything good was on, but after thinking they decided that they had watched too many episodes of everything and watching anything again would be pointless. They continued to sit there, doing nothing, thinking to themself.

    Symmetris walked into the apartment without warning, leaving the door wide open. He dropped a few plastic grocery bags in the kitchen and sat himself down on the couch behind Shiranai, taking up the whole length. "Sup," he said casually.

    Shiranai remained silent. Symmetris sat up properly and spoke more directly. "How are you doing?"

    Shiranai made a small noise. Symmetris took this to mean they were doing alright. "You know, we'll be getting some visitors soon."

    Shiranai "hmm"d again. Symmetris's tone of voice got to be more concerned. "Are you sure you'll be alright with that?" He knew that Shiranai was extremely anti-social and shyed away from everyone, except him.

    They mumbled something. Symmetris was able to understand from all the years living with him. "A lot of them you don't know. Some familiar people."

    Shiranai had no reaction. "Ittei is coming," Symmetris said quietly, almost a whisper.

    Shiranai laid on their side and pulled the blanket over their head.

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