Another "UTAU Not Making Any Sound" Thread

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by RaccoonButler, Jul 1, 2018.

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    So for context, I normally use UTAU Synth but I've transferred over to Windows UTAU recently, and it feels a lot like restarting as a baby UTAU user again, so bear with me lel.

    I'm trying to use my own UTAU (here) but he's not making any noise. He was configured on the Mac, however, everyone else I know who tested him on windows prior says he is working properly for them so I assume the error is on my part.

    At the same time though, regular Windows configured utau work fine for me.

    Situational Info:
    - On Windows 10
    - Locale is in Japanese
    - Files in the VB are not corrupted, neither is UTAU itself
    - Oto is being read fine
    - Sound on the computer is fine
    - Volume in UTAU itself is 100%
    - UTAU is CVVC (and so are the usts). Other UTAU work on the UST fine
    - Using Moreampler, also used default resampler, neither work with him (but work with other utau)
    - UTAU recorded in stereo (but not working with mono+stereo resamplers?)
    - Files encoded in romaji, Aliases in both romaji and hiragana
    - UTAU works fine on UTAU Synth, reportedly works fine for other Windows users
    - Using WinRAR

    So I have no idea what it is, though the solution might be glaringly obvious so please excuse me, RIP.
    Thank you
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    I think it might be an oto issue, but I'm not entirely sure. The stuff in the spoiler is mostly me trying to write a coherent explanation while not really knowing what happened, so you can ignore it lol
    (I think this issue happened to me with Taiga at one point, too... maybe some Windows computers/versions mess things up, and others don't?)
    Capture3.PNG I'm guessing this is what the oto looks like for you, but if it isn't, everything below here is probably going to be wrong. ^^;
    The configurations are all set, and clicking on an alias will play the correct sample.

    But if you scroll down a bit into the oto, you might see something like this:
    There's no settings at all here. No aliases, no offsets, no cutoffs, etc. Nothing's playing because of the missing aliases, but even if they were there, nothing else is set.
    It seems like UTAU-Synth allows several folders' configurations to be combined in one oto.ini, since I opened the main one and everything was intact there. Windows UTAU doesn't allow for that as far as I know, so it creates separate otos (otoes??) in each pitch folder the first time you open the VB. And since this was originally set up on a Mac, these haven't been configured yet.

    If this is what happened, you don't need to do the oto all over again. I managed to fix it and get it to work in UTAU (let's hope it stays that way), so I can PM it if you want.
    In case this happens again, if you can open the original oto with Notepad or something like that, you can copy the values into the oto(s) that UTAU created. Just make sure to delete any "#Charset:UTF8" things if you see them... I didn't do that the first time, and I'm 99% sure that's what corrupted the entire VB when I went to test it ;v;
    tl;dr: I could be wrong, but my guess is that Windows UTAU creates separate oto files for each voice folder in a voicebank, while UTAU-Synth seems to only create one per VB. Those new ones wouldn't be configured, so nothing would play. I can PM you the fixed files if you want ^^
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    OHH, that makes sense ! You are correct, on synth we only use one oto, I wasn’t aware that on windows we needed one per folder. It would be really helpful if I could have the files, thank you ;;o;;

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