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    I've been looking for auto-save programs that will discretely auto-save/backup files to a specified folder (because my C: drive is only 60GB ); and I would be grateful if anyone can share any programs or scripts that are similar. (Forgive me if this isn't the right forum directory)

    The two that I found are:

    AutoIt Script – AutoSaver - RongYao

    Requires AutoIt:

    Script Thread:

    I love this little script for AutoIt and it works perfectly on Clip Studio Paint while being very discreet, it also has the ability to work on other programs. This script will interest some people that use Clip Paint Studio and/or have the technical knowledge to enable the script to work with other programs.

    Here's what I did to get it running (beware I’m a noob noob alert)

    >Install AutoIt
    >Open up SciTE within the AutoIt Folder
    >Copy the latest script (last one I think?) from the Forum Post
    >Paste it into SciTE
    >Save the script just in case.
    >Go to Tools
    >Click Build
    >autosave.exe should now be in the AutoIt Directory.
    >Make a Autosave.txt document

    Example from the forum post is for Clip Studio Paint


    To get it to work with other programs you can use the Au3Info program within AutoIt directory however that is where I get lost; I also would like to edit the script to add the function to specify where the backups should be saved but I understand that this probably requires technical knowledge which I lack.

    It's minimalist
    It notifies you when it's saving
    It has the ability to work with other programs

    Requires a bit of setting up to get to up and running

    Auto-Saver - Door2Windows

    This program works by automatically pressing “ctrl + s” every specified interval, this program forces the save box to pop up and will work for any program. Personally, my only issue with this program is that it interrupts my work-flow (especially with artwork) but most likely I will use this for UTAU and other programs.

    Will work with any active program (even chrome)
    Ability to exclude programs
    Can minimise to task-bar and reopen
    Easy to Set up

    Cons -
    ---literally works for everything?

    Hopefully either of these programs will be useful to people like me who are clumsy savers.

    Although if you do know a script/program that will work with any program, is non-interrupting and can save in a specified folder then I will make you my eternal master~

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