【CODY 9th Anniversary PV】初嵐 / First Storm (Japanese Ver)【UTAUカバー】+ UST

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    Music & Lyrics : DECO*27 & Mes
    Arrangement : Rockwell
    Japanese Lyrics: 混乱P
    UST : Mel (FA9Official) https://twitter.com/FA9Official
    Tuning, UST edits, Video, & Mix : CodyTailor
    Thank you to all the beans!

    UST DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qv99w1xv9jc9c8q/初嵐+-+First+Storm+-+UST+By+FA9Offcial+&+CodyTailor.zip
    (Please give credit to FA9Offical if you use!)



    Happy late Anniversary my son! I wanted to upload this sooner but the video took longer than expected and that start of April was filled with bad news, it seemed wrong to celebrate anything at the time so here we are. I swear the years seem to be getting shorter and shorter, it feels as though I just celebrated CODY's 8th anniversary and now it's April all over again. It's been a long journey and it feels wonderful to be able to give my son a proper anniversary gift. (The last anniversary cover made for him was 3 years ago....oops) Speaking of being able to properly celebrate my son, I have some news and updates about the future of CODY's voicebank distribution. Distribution for his older banks will remain discontinued.....however........He will be given a new voice bank that is set for release on May 25th 2019. (Happy late April fools???) His new bank is called "CODY: Reboot" and it's a 3 pitch multi expression CV with vowel stings, glottal stops, and other added features. This is the same bank I used for this cover so I hope he sounded alright. I wanted a fresh start with CODY and I feel wiping his slate of his old banks and starting over with CV again is the best way to do it (hence the name "Reboot"). I hope you look forward to future voicebank releases for CODY.

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