Does Vocaloid have a "Voicebank Properties" thing like UTAU does?

Discussion in 'VOCALOID' started by DELTΔ, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I'm using an UTAU synth english patch so it may be called something else for you, but on my end the voice properties is where you can go view the audio samples that make the UTAU's voicebank and the oto stuff.

    so this is super random like (all the things i ask on here) but does vocaloid have a similar thing? where you can go listen to the recordings used for the vocaloid's voice? for example if i had miku's v3 is there a file where you can hear saki fujita's recordings or something??? I'm curious lmao even though this information is mostly useless
    i just like to go into an utau's voicebank properties to check out the quality of their recordings and seeing what's good about their recording and stuff.... hahah so yeah
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    No, there is no way to access the original audio samples or timing configurations in Vocaloid. That's strictly something on the development side, you know. If you really wanted to, you could attempt to find audio in the raw data of the Vocaloid itself, but I would advise against it.
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    You can export the samples yourself using some quickbms magic, but that's as close as you'll be able to get

    Edit: Most voicebanks do have some kind of metadata tho, like an icon and name
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    That's not voice configuration, that's just taking the samples out.
    You can do this but it goes against the license.

    The internal samples are sliced in a way that makes "listening" impossible due to constraints. Vocaloid isn't configured like Utau anyways and functions quite a bit differently, merging/blending segments on their boundaries where Utau uses a manual crossfade.
    Rather than a whole segment of audio it's contains fragments of the samples scattered around. Some lower end/toy vocaloid banks may contain whole samples but those can't really be obtained easily.
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    No voicebanks have icon files. Piapro Studio has default icons that it uses when it detects specific Crypton voicebanks.
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