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    I sometimes feel like sharing some of the wierd dreams I have, so I figured making a thread of sharing wierd dreams might be fun.

    There are however some rules to keep in mind when viewing and reading theese posts:
    1. Don't go and interpet other peoples dreams and posting them here. Some people might feel uncomfortble with people looking into them. Discussions are alloved if the poster of the dream thinks it's fine, but if they change their mind mid way then respect that and let them be.
    2. Use spoiler warning if it contains sensitive materials, such as: self harm, death, ect. Don't want people who doesn't want to see that see that.
    3. Don't judge people for what happends/is done in their dreams. Theese are dreams, what people do in them does not represent what they would do in real life in a simmilar situation, nor do most people glorify/like the stuff they might see in them.

    More rules might be added if it's needed.

    To get the ball rolling I'll share what I dreamt while having a nap today.
    I was at my old school but it had plasterd the universety logo on it.
    There was some kind of school group project involving making a vieo and singing, I think there was a rap at the end of one of them.
    I walk around campus looking for an old internett crush whose supposedly there to play in a band (he isn't a musician).
    For some reason I was holding a spatula while searching for him. I dropped it off in a grill area near the entrance to the 5-7th grade area of the school.
    then when I arrive at a balconey place theres some kind of gathering. One person dressed in a dog costume shoots himself in the head. Then 2 other people throw them self off the balcony. No one is shocked or anything. everyone continues their day.
    Go back to search for the crush.
    upon entering the stair case there are a fev steps that are missing, so you have to Jump or have long legs to go up. I grab the railing and reach the steps. My cousin is there and yells at me for not being carefull eventhough I was...
    I arrive at the place there the band was supposed to play. Turns out im late and they're leaving. I follow them into the woods, and an abandoned castle. I lost sight a bit but for some reason I still knew where they went?
    I walk through more forest and stop at the sight of a giant japanese hornet nest area, thats somewhat shaped like a large cave, and the hornets are bigger than horses. I said F that, and ran back while donkey kong music played (it's bonus room blitz from Donkey Kong Country).
    Then I woke up confused, and terrified at the thought of japanese hornets.
    So what happened in your dream:smile:?
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    I had this dream not last night, but the night before. It really messed me up because my dog is my son and he is the most important thing to ever have graced my life.

    content warning: death, denial, pets
    Before we begin, Inky is my dog.

    Inky and I had a photoshoot and took a ton of pictures together and separately, I showed them to my family and no one would look at them. I was really mad because he's cute and no one would say so, and eventually mom asked "What are you talking about? Inky died earlier this month. Don't you remember?" And then he slowly faded out of all my pictures. Some of them ended up having no subject, and the ones of us together only had me. Then when I was told he was dead, I "remembered" his death, and the ones of us together changed to show me posing with his corpse. He had a bone sticking out of his chest, and lots of holes in his throat where maggots were overflowing. I was so upset once I woke up that I believed for a minute he really died earlier this month - but then he popped out of the blanket and I felt so much better.

    I had a 15 minute cry session after I woke up, lmaooo
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    I had this dream the night before. It was a variation of one that I've had twice in the past.
    I was with students from my school (mostly from my science class last year), and we were going to board a train. The sky was an odd shade of gray, and it was dusk. There was a hill and a bridge we had to cross to get to the station. (who knows how we all fit into that tiny car...?) Anyway, when we got there, we stepped inside a stairwell, and two boys came up to attack me. I pulled out a knife from who-knows-where and stabbed one of them. Twice. Blood started going everywhere, I assumed he was dead, and I finished going down the stairs to the station. The dream ended with about 10 of us waiting for the train, and the sky was turning red-orange.
    The previous ones changed the people I was with, but this was definitely the first time anything disturbing happened. Sorry if it's too messed up of a dream ^^;
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    2 more dream to the pile.

    First one is about people being chaced for some reason and they are on a boat. They can't remember their names, but they don't want to get caught by the people chaising them, who for some reason tried to get on the boat with scubagear when the boat was in a fjord. The people managed to get away and is then on a highway (still on the boat) witnessing a woman of asian ethnicety screaming at an unconsious woman. She joins the group and also can't remember her own name. Some lady in the group points out that she was yelling "Asahina" at the unconsious lady, and that that's probobly that lady's name. The asian lady then says no, and then the other lady suggest that since most of the people dont speak english, now would be a great time to practice her french by naming the unconsious woman Jacquelyne. And that's when I woke up. Keep in mind everything in this dream was in english so I don't know why that lady wanted to practice french.

    The 2nd dream is in a playground. There was a jungle gym and some other people there. We were playing, and some of the guys started being mean. I decided to punish them by somehow glitching the junglegyim around (think prophunt from garrys mod). We were then sendt inside for a stern talking with what I assume is the teachers. While waiting for our turn we were allowed to do some creative works (drawing and poetry). When it was my turn to talk, for some reason a question about my grades were mentioned and I hadn't got them yet. They were then going to look into it and I woke up.

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