English vs Engrish?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by VictorFrankl, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Which do you prefer? I think proper English banks sound better, but I get lots of people telling me things like "English banks are garbage, Engrishing it is so much better".
  3. partial

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    I much prefer UTAU English. I understand why some people prefer Engrish as it doesn't require an English voicebank but at the end of the day English voicebanks are much better at doing what they're intended for.
  4. susrever

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    For me it ultimately depends on the song. Overall proper English VBs are the way to go for English songs, but for songs that have originally Engrish-y lyrics (like, Good Morning Emma Simpson or March is at the bottom of the night, both by FullkawaP) I think Engrish vbs are better.
    Both are good, they just have different aims. Full English vbs are good at full English songs, but for Engrish-y songs or for short lines during a song, I prefer Engrish banks as it's less of an hassle and, in the last case, I don't have to worry about the tone of the voicebanks matching (like with Miku v3 and Miku v3 Eng)
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  5. tetodash

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    Engrish is definitely more convenient but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as English. I guess that Engrish is also good for UTAU that don’t have an English voice bank. Some of my favorite UTAU are made by people who don’t know how to speak English so they won’t even make an English voice bank.
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    I prefer Engrish when the song has few random English words.

    Overally, English VB is definitely better singing in English than non-English VB. So, in full English song, I prefer English VB over non-English one - if possible.

    From my experience, Engrish is generally easier in any other non-English VB than with Japanese or Mandarin VB. If Japanese VB has extra phonemes like v, l, English r etc (and has CVVC or VCV configurations) it’ll make Engrish much easier. Any extra phonemes that exits in English will be helpful.
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    I think that banks made for the english language are definitely better at proper pronunciation and not having the vocals sound smooshy, but I have heard a few convincing engrish covers. It might be that banks that are set up to "extend" the language they are designed for can pull off okay engrish.

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