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    I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you guys sooner that I had left the project but I didn’t want to sabotage my friends’ hard work. Here’s a message from the projects owner and myself at the end.

    A message from the voice provider of 26 (Iron) (formerly Tree Sounds).

    I’m sorry.
    Yes I know most of you do not like me, and I know that you’re never going to trust my opinions or actions because of stuff you think that I did. But seriously: Samantha Bryer (Periodical Utau) is NOT the same person as the voice provider as 26 (Iron) (formerly Tree Sounds). Although you’re entitled to your own opinions and thoughts it hurts to know that basically all of the work we do for you guys goes unnoticed because you don’t trust us. I’ve never had a negative intention with the community. When I was younger and just starting out in UTAU I was much more naive and didn’t understand when to ignore people and when/how to respond when things weren’t positive. I understand that the way I acted then was not acceptable but many of you could’ve easily done the same. Imagine if someone judges every aspect of your pride and joy and doesn’t tell you how to fix the problems other than saying “keep trying, you’ll figure it out eventually” then take that and subtract like 3–4 years of maturity off of it. I wasn’t trying to be rude, and I wasn’t trying to bash anyone. I was standing up for myself in my eyes. After it escalated I didn’t know how to act and I just all up and left. When Sam came around in the months prior I had asked her to make an account for the Utau that she wanted to make for herself and she said she would get around to it. Then all of that went down and we panicked because she was really involved in my project and bless her because she took so much hate from y’all thinking that she was me. I’m not asking you to drop your existing opinions of my project or any of my past. I understand that what happened that week was a mess and I fully take the blame for it. Just stop jumping to conclusions about my project please. Back on the conversation of Samantha; Samantha was involved in a car accident shortly after the incident that caused me to leave utaforum. As you can imagine this was a very stressful time for both of us with the project and more importantly her health at stake. While her exterior healed up nicely, her esophagus ruptured in the crash, which caused her voice to no longer produce sounds like normal. As bullshit as this all sounds it’s all true. She hates people taking pity for her because she knows there are people who have it worse but it also gives you guys no reason to pick on her or not acknowledge her as someone who is not the voice provider of 26 (Iron). She left the project in April of 2018 because she had no reason to continue in utau if she couldn’t make her OWN bank. I feel so terrible for her because I know it was a dream of hers that will literally never come true unless she has a miracle. We are still friends, and I wish her luck in whatever makes her happy. I asked her to post this as a farewell message as I will create a Row 4 Account here shortly. I’m sorry to keep you in the dark about all of this and I know that most of you aren’t going to believe me because you don’t trust me but neither of us are lying here.

    The Periodical Utau account will cease to exist and a new Row 4 Project account will be created. I ask that you take all of this information to heart as we try to begin anew. It is my best interest to provide you all the best possible experience when using the Row 4 Project’s banks. I sincerely hope you take this and if possible forgive me for not speaking up about this until now.

    A final message from Samantha:

    Thank you all for listening to Trey’s rambling. I really appreciate all of the help I’ve been given over the period while I was most active. I must add that I left the project with no problem or bad feeling. I simply got bored of the program and lost interest. Trey really has come a long way in maturity and I hope you all can forgive and forget what social image was made about him however long ago. Thanks for being nice when I needed it and for all the help you gave me.

    Well, thanks for everything guys.

    Please deactivate my account.

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