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    I am offering the following services, for the time being, free of charge, to 5 persons, on a first-come first-serve basis:

    Mixing of a single song, which may be of any language, genre or style. Mixing may entail:
    • adding vocals from any vocal synthesizer to an existing instrumental,
    • editing multiple outputs of a vocal synthesis program into a single file suitable for further processing,
    • Processing the output of any vocal synthesizer, in order to improve overall sound quality, or to create an effect similar to one from the original of the song being mixed, or desired by the commissioner.
    It may NOT be:
    • Recreation of an instrumental in any way, be it from scratch or simply removing the vocal track from a song,
    • Any job that requires direct use of vocal synthesis software in any way (for example, creating harmonies, editing timing, or tuning).
    I will only offer these goods if the following conditions are met:
    • You supply me with the required materials for performing the job requested. For a typical job, this includes:
      • The original track of the song desired to be mixed,
      • A high quality instrumental track of the song,
      • All the necessary vocal tracks, rendered to audio.
    • The song supplied is not considered racist, sexist, offensive in any way, or contains overly explicit lyrics. These situations will be handled on a case by case basis.
    • You possess sufficient rights to the song; that is, you can legally modify it, and allow me to do the same.
    • You agree to give full credit in the description of your release to KineticIsEpic, and to include links to KineticIsEpic's social media pages.
    By submitting your job to me, you acknowledge that this offer comes with NO guarantee of any form; the job does not have a deadline, and it may never be completed. There is no guarantee on the quality of the outcome of the job. I may reject a job for any reason, at any time.

    I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time for any reason.

    If you are interested, please message KineticIsEpic via conversation on

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