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    Greetings! :creepy:

    I'm Nekumei (he/they), a digital artist and huge Vocaloid/UTAU fan since like 2010-ish? Although I haven't joined any forums or discussion websites up until now, I've been very active and up-to-date in the UTAU/Vocaloid scene (although I've listened to more Vocaloids, I want to get much more engrossed in UTAUloids because I need more sweet tunes in my life!)

    Although I'm not really that good at writing music (I have tried in the past, but it's still so confusing and complex for me...), I have been trying to use UTAU more to either learn how to tune USTs or make my own!
    I am working on a few USTs at the moment, but since I'm still very new to the program, I'm definitely not close to perfect (lol).

    My favorite UTAU/s I like working with/listening to is Kazehiki (カゼヒキ) and Nizimine Kakoi (滲音かこい), although I'm open to suggestions of other great UTAUloids!

    It's very nice to meet you all! I'm looking forward to being on here and spending time hanging out with the forum's diverse community! :smile:
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    Hello, welcome to UtaForum! It's nice to meet you. Hope you have a fun time here :smile:
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