hi there, i'm sodalitee!

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    (had to recreate my account and all of my threads because my account was bugged for some reason - thank you to the lovely @Hentai for helping me! ♥️)

    hi there! my name is sodalitee. i'm an 18 year old digital artist who loves everything pink, cute and sweet.

    i might not be very active on the forums, but since i've been a big vocaloid / UTAU fan for years now + started making my own UTAU covers and songs, i thought it'd be nice to introduce myself to the community!

    ever since i was little, i've listened to vocaloid and UTAU songs and have always been a big fan of kasane teto, and i still am to this day! my other favorite vocaloids / UTAUloids include megurine luka, momone momo, namine ritsu, and more!

    i also love to draw and make digital art as a hobby, and i also love to bake sweets! i'm planning to go to culinary school in the future to pursue my career of being a pastry chef! my favorite video game / TV franchises are sailor moon, pokémon, animal crossing, cookie run, madoka magica, cardcaptor sakura, stardew valley, steven universe, bee and puppycat, splatoon and much, much more!

    i'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people, but i'm always up for making new friends, so feel free to say hi if you see me online!

    thanks so much for reading! (again!)
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    Nice to meet you, person who's frighteningly older than me!
    Please don't hurt me I'm joking
    I just like pointing out when someone's older than me--
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